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Mary’s Fitness encourages people to make healthy choices and live healthier lives through unique programming and education.


Mary Bushkuhl fitness instructor


To empower others to architect their dream so they can live the adventure of their full potential.

My personal mission is to be a constant positive force, maintaining the highest ethical integrity and striving to always do the right thing.

The strength of what Mary Bushkuhl does lies in a deep respect for education and staying on the cutting edge of the latest research and trends in the areas of health and wellness.

She is compassionate and empathetic with an outgoing personality which allows her to get along with people from all walks of life. She also has a deep desire to help you feel better, look better and improve your outlook on life.

Mary enjoys endurance sports and any type of outdoor activity. She and her partner of 20 years, Kim, share a home with Milly, a miniature Dachshund, and Addy, a Border Collie.

Her specialties include Senior fitness; high school, collegiate and adult athletes; weight loss or weight gain programs; individuals with health challenges.


  • University of Arkansas.  B.S.E. Physical Education, 1983

  • University of Arkansas.  M.Ed. Exercise Physiology, 1984

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist since 1999

  • IDEA Personal Trainer since 1994

  • Advanced Rehabilitation Specialist since 1994

  • USAT Level I Coach, since 2009

  • NSCA Endurance clinic participant, 2008, 2013

  • FMS Functional Movement Coach, since 2014

  • TD Mentorship 3.5 participant, 2017

  • TD Mastermind Member, 2017

  • Precision Nutrition Level I Certified Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach, 2018.


Patrick Cunningham fitness instructor


To inspire others to recognize the athlete within themselves so they can lead healthy, active, and fulfilling lives.

Patrick Cunningham is a Cheyenne native and lifelong athlete and student of sport and fitness training. His competitive sports history focused on track and field, baseball, and ice hockey, and is an avid golfer. In 2019, he founded Cheyenne Performance and has partnered with Mary's Fitness since 2018.

His specialties include athletic performance, golf fitness, youth strength and conditioning, and adult strength and conditioning.


  • University of Wyoming.  B.S. Kinesiology and Health Promotion, 2018

  • University of Wyoming.  B.S., Physiology, 2018

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, 2019

  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 Certified, 2017


Annemarie Picard yoga instructor


To share my love of yoga with others, making classes enjoyable for all body types and ages.

After practicing yoga for twenty years, Annemarie earned her certification in 2019. Although trained in the Hatha and Yin traditions, she finds joy in all forms of yoga. She is particularly fond of using props so that her students can develop better body awareness. Annemarie actively cues her students in the use of their breath to direct their yoga practice, hopefully leading them to find a sense of calm in a chaotic world. As she regularly tells her students, this is YOUR yoga practice. YOU get to choose your adventure.  Annemarie lives with her husband Dave in Cheyenne and is mom to two kids, two Labradors and one ornery Siamese.



  • 200 RYT Yoga Certification, Blossom Yoga School


Michelle Cooke fitness instructor


To help others find the value in movement as essential for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Michelle Cooke has been involved in the fitness field for 31 years and thoroughly enjoys the pleasure of sharing her knowledge while teaching a variety of fun, safe, and effective fitness classes as well as personal training. She finds working with active older adults to be extremely rewarding—what a great time in life to focus on one's ability to move and contribute to society as a healthy role model! She enjoys most forms of physical activity; as a native Wyomingite, she loves being outdoors. A pair of hiking shoes and a trail is where you'll find her exploring all of Wyoming's wondrous landscapes.

Her specialties include strength training and fitness for older adults.


  • Strength and conditioning

  • Water exercise

  • Yoga phases 1 & 2

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Fitness Specialist

  • CPR & First Aid


Tina Jacquot fitness instructor


To maintain a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes balance between good, sustainable habits and the pressures of daily life.

Tina Jacquot (pronounced Jay-co) was inspired to become a personal trainer by her own journey to become healthy. She had a great support system and accountability that helped her reach and maintain her goals, and wants others to experience that same success. Tina is married and a mom of three kids, so has experienced the challenges of balancing a healthy lifestyle with the demands of daily life.

Her specialties include finding life balance, athletic performance, healthy habits, and working with individuals who are in or just finished with physical therapy to enhance their physical outcomes.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Performance Enhancement, Speed Agility, and Quickness

  • Fitness Nutrition

  • Youth Exercise Specialist

  • Senior Fitness Specialist

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