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Nutrition is about building healthy food habits that sustain an active lifestyle—and Mary's Fitness is an expert in guiding you to a more vibrant version of yourself through nutrition coaching. Through strategies to make better food choices, there are opportunities to direct, shape, and remake your health, body composition, body performance, and overall well-being.

Nutrition coaching isn't about a fad or crash diet. Mary's Fitness will help you cut through the noise and gain an essential understanding of how food feeds and fuels you! Strategies include:

• Understanding calories and the right amount for you

• Selecting carbs that support good health

• Selecting protein sources that advance your health and wellness goals

• Learning the basics and flow of meal planning

• Achieving balance between busy days and serving healthy meals

Nutritional coaching outcomes may include achieving a healthy weight, gaining muscle, improving sports performance, reducing the need for medication, and just feeling good. What are you waiting for?

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