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Four Foods to Avoid

1. Canned Soups

Check the labels carefully. They’re not always so good for you. These typically high-sodium convenience meals can also pack high levels of fat when made with cream bases. Beyond unwanted calories, canned soup also brings unhealthy preservatives. Increase your nutrients by making your own soup from scratch.

2. Ham

This sodium-filled meat can promote fluid retention, bloating and constipation when consumed regularly. Swap it for freshly cooked meats, like roast turkey or grilled chicken.

3. Old-Fashioned Casseroles

Your favorite one-pan dinners can seem innocent enough, especially if they contain veggies (hello, green bean casserole), but if you’re watching your waistline, be wary. Many of these these are carb-heavy, cream-laden recipes that can steer you off track with high amounts of calories, fat and sodium. It's recommended swapping a typical pasta base for more nutrient-dense, lower-carb alternatives like spaghetti squash, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, or zucchini noodles.

4. Juices

A tall glass of tropical juice may seem like the perfect pick-me-up but whether it’s from concentrate, fresh squeezed, or from the hot new juice joint down the street, the fact remains: juice is a concentrated form of simple carbohydrates. While it does contain the important vitamins and minerals from the fruits or veggies, it also removes the fiber. Instead, hydrate with water and opt for whole fruit. Choosing the fruit over juice means you are also getting fiber.


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