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Moving Forward or Locked Down?

Are you moved forward by your dreams?


Are you locked down by your memories?

As we move through life, we are constantly changing, whether we realize it or not. Roles that we have embraced in our life, may be long outdated. Activities we loved before, may no longer be a priority as those priorities shift with ever-changing demands in life.

If you are feeling stuck or if there have been changes in your life that have left you scratching your head wondering who you are now, the following exercise may be worth doing to help you course-correct in your life.


Who I am not...

  • What roles have you lost, no longer fit?

Who I am...

  • In what roles do you thrive or feel energized?

  • What roles allow you to use your strengths and gifts?


Who I am not...

  • What activities have you lost?

  • What activities no longer interest you?

Who I am...

  • What activities energize you or make you feel in the zone?

  • What activities give you a glimpse of excellence?


Who I am not...

  • What environment have you lost access to?

  • What environments deplete you?

Who I am...

  • What environments do you yearn to be in?

  • What environments energize or bring you joy?


Who I am not...

  • Relationships lost?

  • Relationships changed?

  • Relationships that bring me down or make me feel less than?

Who I am...

  • Relationships I long for?

  • Relationships that bring me joy?

  • Relationships I feel free to be my true self?

When I completed this exercise I was able to understand what I had to let go of, have the space to release those, and create time and space for those things that lift me up.

This is not a one and done exercise. I encourage you to flag this email, and every so often, reconnect to yourself, and keep moving forward.


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