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Seven Attitudes to Cultivate Change

If you are wanting to cultivate your own mindset that will create a healthier lifestyle, fostering these seven attitudes will help to positively reshape your brain to achieve your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. No longer does the process of change have to be hard or painful.

  1. A – Acceptance of Self: Give yourself a “Clap not a Slap!" Remind yourself of what you are doing well no matter how small.

  2. B – Belief in Self: “Be Curious not Critical.” What are the possibilities? Use visualization and your imagination. For example, how would you look and feel in your ideal body?

  3. C – Compassion for Self: “Feedback not Failure." What have you learned from your choices and experiences? Every choice is an opportunity to learn and create a greater awareness. Reflect on what you can learn from that choice rather than dwelling on it.

  4. D – Dopamine: “Fun not Force." Your change process needs to be fun, rewarding and enjoyable. What are the rewards?

  5. E – Excitement: “Excitement not Excuses”. Be clear on your WHY or over-arching dream. Remind yourself of your WHY when self sabotage or excuses arise. When your WHY is well thought out, then aligning choices and decisions to reflect your WHY is easier.

  6. F – Focus: “Winning not Sinning." Focus on what you want. Wherever your focus goes, energy flows.

  7. G – Gratitude: “Gratitude is Your Best Attitude." Acknowledge all that you do have in life right NOW.


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